Improving your results with technology and analytics

We build innovative solutions for our partners using data and technology.

How we can help

Digital Analytics

Strategy-focused analytics implementation and support to improve your insights and business performance.

Data Science

Extract real-time insights, predict outcomes, and make smarter decisions using data-driven machine learning solutions.

Data Engineering

We connect large volumes of data from multiple sources to build and maintain the a reliable data pipeline for your business needs.

Business Intelligence

Visualize and report on your data to begin to identify opportunities for improving the overall business strategy.

How we do it

At Aptic Consulting, we follow a strategic plan to ensure that the partners we work with get the most value from our services.


Analytics Strategy

Having a robust tracking plan and Implementation ensures you are accurately collecting useful data that gives you value.


Next we put the strategy into action. Can vary by Google Analytics implementation with Google Tag Manager, or joining all your data in one place ensure the ability to report on your business, or integrating all your platforms together allows for a seamless marketing technology stack.

Advanced Analysis

Once you have a mature implementation with plenty of data, there's a wide variety of opportunities to perform advanced analysis with custom built data science solutions.

Brands we've worked with

Projects we've worked on

Automated Data Pipeline and Reporting for Email Marketing Agency

Data Warehouse and Reporting Solution for Ecommerce Store

Analytics Strategy, Implementation, and Support for Cosmetics Brand

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