Dedicated technology support for small businesses made simple

What's Included

Server Management

Our server management service ensures the uninterrupted performance and maintenance of your critical infrastructure.

Web Content Management

Efficiently manage, update, and publish web content to maintain a dynamic online presence with ease.


We develop comprehensive reporting setup to analyze data, track key metrics, and make informed business decisions.

Conversion Tracking

Monitor conversions closely, understanding user behavior to optimize strategies and improve outcomes.

Optimize Conversions

Enhance your website’s performance by implementing A/B testing and data-driven strategies for better conversion rates.

CRM Management

Manage customer data management, automate tasks, and improve sales efficiency through our CRM services.

Why partner with us

  • Expertise: We offer specialized expertise, bridging the gap for businesses seeking expert support at an affordable rate.
  • Cost-Effective: Our transparent service plans cover all your technology needs, letting you concentrate on your core business.
  • No Conflict of Interest: With no involvement in your marketing services, we deliver transparent reporting, unbiased advice, and reliable service.
  • No Vendor Lock-In: We’re adaptable, working with popular platforms or customizing to your specific needs without restrictions.

Working With Us

Tailored for Small Business Growth

Our plans are crafted to empower small businesses, scaling with your size, requirements, and budget.

Flexible Agreements

We avoid lengthy commitments. Begin with an initial setup agreement, then transition to a monthly plan.

Objective Approach

We steer clear of typical marketing services (e.g., Advertising, SEO) to ensure an impartial stance.

Self Managed

We’re able to self-manage and address your technology needs as this plan is all-inclusive for flat monthly rate.

Full Time Employee Aptic Team
Data Analyst $6,000
Developer $8,000
MarTech Specialist $6,000
Web Content Administrator $4,000
Lifecycle CRM Manager $5,000
Cloud/Server Engineer $10,000
Cost / month $39,000 (salary only) Starts at $2,000

Our Process

1.) Requirements Gathering

Our meticulous gathering process identifies growth opportunities and aligns with your unique marketing technology needs.

2.) Support Plan

Craft a growth-focused strategy featuring data-driven technology, expert tool selection, and prioritized revenue-generating tactics.

3.) Execution

Our skilled team implements technology and automation seamlessly, delivering the support plan tailored to your company’s success.

Tori Ham
Provided quality work and succeeded in increasing leads for our firm. There were no issues and would hire them again.
Gwendolyn Jones
They continually show themselves to be a trustworthy, knowledgeable partner.
Shay Gibson
Aptic Consulting gave us high-quality work, timely deliveries, and a great experience
Benito Cabrera
They came recommended, and did some marketing consulting work for us, which was something we didn't want our marketing agency doing for us. The analyzed the performance of our marketing and sales department to find what was working well, and what we could improve and losing money on. To do this, they helped with setting up Google Analytics to track everything, new tools for our sales and marketing departments, and reports and dashboards for management to monitor everything, as well as a report and explanation on everything. very smart people that really know what they're doing. so get ready for some hard truths from them!
Connor Barnes
Hired these guys for my e-commerce site and within a month they almost doubled my conversation rate. Definitely recommend!

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